Our Difference

FiduciaryVest was founded to serve fiduciaries — the majority of our consultants have devoted their careers to that one purpose.  Our firm is structured to align our interests with those of our clients, and we are passionate about exceeding client expectations at every opportunity.

Fiduciary Partnership

Early in our firm’s history, we recognized the value of our role as fiduciaries to the plans and participants we serve. In fact, we accept this role in writing, unlike many competitors. The desire to protect our clients and mitigate their plan-related liabilities has driven us forward since our inception.  As fiduciaries, our interests align directly with those of our clients, as we share and shoulder their concerns and responsibilities.

Independent by Design

The advice we provide is always in the best interests of our clients.  As a wholly employee-owned firm, we are independent of any outside influences or products.  By design, our only source of revenue is direct, hard-dollar compensation from our clients.

Tailored Solutions

We design solutions focused solely on our clients’ needs and goals.  That means meticulous fact-finding, communication and sensitivity to individuals on the client’s decision making team. It also means an emphasis on critical thinking, analysis, and a willingness to explore alternative paths.

Boutique-Style Service

We strive to exceed client expectations in each and every interaction.  Our unwavering commitment to service is a point of pride for every member of our team, as well as a philosophy taught to new team members from their first day with the firm. We believe our service philosophy is the primary reason we have never lost a client to a competitor.

Our Difference

Our Difference
Does your investment firm put its fiduciary responsibility in writing?

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