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Defined Contribution Plans

client-valueThe team at FiduciaryVest has served the needs of plan sponsors for nearly 20 years. Our defined contribution plans focus on achieving two primary objectives:

  1. To protect companies from the business risks associated with the plans they offer.
  2. To improve plan outcomes and participants’ retirement readiness.
Popular Services
  • Retirement readiness assessment
  • Target date fund evaluation and benchmarking
  • Custom target date portfolio creation and management
  • Plan structure evaluation
  • Fee evaluation and negotiation
  • Vendor relationship management
  • Investment Policy
  • Ongoing fiduciary oversight and reporting
  • Documentation

Our modern approach to plan management includes a focus on outsourced administration, automation, targeted and strategic education, streamlined investment line-ups, cost reduction, and target date optimization.

We serve plan sponsors overseeing 401(k), 403(b), and non-qualified deferred compensation retirement plans.

Defined Benefit Plans

As a fiduciary, the investment decisions you make for your company’s Defined Benefit Plan have a direct affect on the bottom line.

Whether your plan is a vibrant, ongoing benefit to employees or frozen and can’t be terminated soon enough, you face tough challenges. Increased regulation, rock-bottom interest rates, and a volatile stock market top the list.   Everyday, we help clients develop and manage customized strategies that directly tackle these challenges, and we can help you too.

Popular Services

We offer the following services to address your specific goals and needs:

  • Investment Policy review and design
  • Strategic asset allocation and modeling
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Plan De-Risking
  • Ongoing fiduciary oversight and reporting
  • Trustee/ Committee ongoing education
  • Manager selection and monitoring

Hospital Balance Sheets

We advise hospital leadership on how to effectively manage investment portfolios by strategically aligning investment plans with capital structure and objectives.

One of the founding members of our firm personally understands the issues you care about from a frontline perspective. He served in top positions as a hospital administrator, controller, and CEO for multiple hospitals in the Southeast and Midwest; he also co-led one of the nation’s largest home health care and hospice companies. Our clients benefit from his experience and that of our well-rounded team of investment consultants.


Popular Services

Built on critical thinking, direct experience, sound strategies, and implementation, we accomplish the following:

  • Align plan design with debt structure, operating expectations, capital expenditure requirements, and risk profile.
  • Educate trustee/finance committees on investment planning, policy development and management, asset allocation, and investment performance analysis.
  • Work with the hospital’s financial advisor to incorporate modeling knowledge and assumptions into the investment planning process.
  • Develop investment programs to support strategic planning.
  • Perform asset allocation modeling to reflect risk and return objectives of hospital leadership; adapt variable/fixed structure of the hospital financing program.
  • Stress test investment plan to identify “what-if” scenarios for changes in interest rates or market disruption; act on the potential impact on investment portfolio and debt structure.
  • Model various investment decisions to allow for periodic modifications to the investment portfolio’s allocations on debt service costs, operating results, and capital spending.
  • Add or replace investment managers or custodian banks, as needed.
  • Analyze investment performance for policy guideline compliance; benchmark to peers
  • Compare asset allocation and investment performance against policy benchmarks and a universe of similar hospitals.

Endowments and Foundations

We deliver advice, strategies, and tools to successfully manage investment portfolios in alignment with business objectives, the investment plan, and spending policies.

The senior consultants of FiduciaryVest have advised on a broad range of foundations and endowments, including charitable semi-public funds, community foundations, private foundations, healthcare foundations, and university endowments.

Popular Services

Trust our team to address the special concerns of endowments and foundations with tailor-made services that:

  • Educate trustees on investment policy development and management, asset allocation, investment manager selections, and investment performance analysis.
  • Assist in the development of a formal spending policy for the organization.
  • Evaluate investment plan design for alignment with organizational goals, spending policies, and risk profiles.
  • Guide the development of investment policies and procedures to support plan structure, including foundation-specific investment: 1) return target(s); 2) risk definition; 3) risk capacity; 4) risk tolerance; 5) targeted time horizon(s).
  • Model asset allocation to align risk and return objectives with leadership.
  • Stress test investment plan to identify “what-if” for changes in interest rates or market disruption; act on the potential impact to the investment portfolio.
  • Add or replace investment managers or another custodian banks, as needed.
  • Analyze investment performance to policy guideline compliance; benchmark to peers.
  • Compare asset allocation and investment performance against policy benchmark and peer universe.

Insurance Companies

In our consulting to insurance companies, both captives and risk retention groups, we develop tailored asset allocations to solve challenging issues within pool structures and guide our clients through the many layers of regulations that can dampen a robust investment program.

First, we lay out a well-diversified structure to directly address the liquidity needs of the insurance pool, while simultaneously growing the corpus in a conservative manner. This concerted effort can lead to lower premiums in the future.

For the captives we serve, we develop tax-efficient exposures to asset classes that are normally difficult from which to extract maximum value. This approach proves particularly additive when considering higher-dividend paying strategies such as large cap equity.


Plan Types

Plan Types
Are your employee/participants on track for retirement readiness? Do you monitor plan outcomes?

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