You go back, Jack, do it again1

2017 continues to surprise pretty much everyone, this column included, with both the virility and longevity of its returns for investors.   The hits just keep on coming, with stocks adding another robust quarter – and a healthy October –

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Buying High and Selling Low: The Dangers of Reactionary Manager Selection and Turnover in Retirement Plans

It’s an all too common problem – and the usual reaction makes a lot of sense.  An active manager is underperforming its benchmark and peer group over a short-term period.  The fund is placed on watch and quickly replaced by

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Joyland1. Market Insights – August 2017

It has always struck us as a bit peculiar when, every summer, a small carnival rises from the blacktop of the local shopping mall adjacent to our decidedly suburban Atlanta office.  (Whether that will be the space’s only use decades

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Market Insights – May 2017

“Oh, mercy, mercy me; things ain’t what they used to be” – Marvin Gaye We suggested three months ago in this space that the 2016 election results heralded changes of the likes not seen in America in decades1.  The one

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And Now for Something Completely Different…

If you had told us (as one prescient friend predicted over a year ago), that Donald Trump would win the White House in contravention of virtually all published polls, we probably could have forecast the level of discord and division

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FiduciaryVest Names New Partner

FiduciaryVest, a boutique institutional investment consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia is pleased to announce that Evan Melcher has been named Partner to the Firm. “We are very grateful for the growth our firm has experienced over the past few

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2016: At Over Three Quarters Done, Not Half Bad?

Market outcomes in 2016 have thus far confounded expectations for significant correction, posting attractive results across the major components of investor portfolios.  A typical, largely liquid, diversified portfolio in 2016 might be up 6 to 7%, awfully close to many

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PPA: A Decade of IMPACT

“IMPACT” is a powerful word. It is defined as “an influence” or “strong effect.” It’s a word that has personal significance to most because we have a desire to IMPACT those around us. And of course, we want our IMPACT

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(Sort of) Happy Days

Similar to the famous sitcom’s “later years”, our current market is in a place that somewhat resembles happy days. Stocks are healthy, results respectable, but it’s not quite time to sing “Sunday, Monday, Happy Days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy days…”  

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British Vote…Please Don’t Say the B Word

They say that breaking up is hard to do; now I know, I know that it’s true. – Neil Sedaka Media and markets are all aTwitter  – literally –  that a referendum was held last Thursday in which citizens of

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Nowhere to hide…

Smaller retirement plans are no longer off-the-radar for ERISA class action plaintiff attorneys.  Here’s what plan sponsors need to do now to protect themselves. A recent class action complaint filed against the plan sponsor of LaMettry’s Collision, Inc. 401(k) Profit

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Saying Goodbye to Two1 (Heavy Sigh) Music Legends… and Central Bank Credibility?

Demonstrating once again that capital markets are hyper-focused and likely unduly influenced by monetary policy, witness the bifurcation in returns during 2016 to date. Markets opened the year spooked by weak oil prices and shaky global economic data, especially out

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Saying Goodbye to A Music Legend… and Free Money

Commencing countdown, engines on; Check ignition and may God’s love be with you1 After all but Snapchatting the chart above in advance, the US Fed made its much-heralded move off of zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) in December. And so we

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Market Commentary October 2015

3Q 2015 Market Results A famous Blues Brothers film line, “we got both kinds of music: Country and Western” comes to mind in reviewing investment outcomes to date through September 2015–both kinds of losses: Bad… …and worse1 China’s slowing economy

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Market Commentary August 2015

A friend with a penchant for sociological observation and musical appreciation titled a recent email about a 1980s “renaissance” tour – Rick Springfield1, Loverboy, and The Romantics– with a cheeky question: where to begin?   We feel similarly about economic and

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Concentration Risk in 401(k) Plans

Everyone in the 401(k) world has heard that Target Date Funds are taking over retirement plan line-ups at breakneck speed.  It is estimated that by 2020, nearly 90% of all new asset flows into 401(k) plans will be directed to

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Now Batting in the Bottom of the 9th…GREECE

(Pipe)Dreaming of Drachmas Greece is a relatively tiny economic player globally, with a ~$240B GDP (measured in USD), about half that of Poland.  Critically though, the cradle of western civilization has amassed total debt1 greater than its GDP, above levels

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Q1 2015 Market Commentary

Is the Material Girl1 right? Are we, in fact, living in a material world? We ask because “way” back in 1984, the Queen of Pop, a famously shrewd business person,2, seemed a bit confused. She spent most of her hit singing about some form of money rather than things (’the boy with the cold hard cash… ’If they don’t give me proper credit…’ ‘boys who save their pennies…’), in subtle contradiction3 of the chorus and title (her own and the song’s).

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Lessons Learned from Another 401(k) Lawsuit

Just one month before going to trial, Ameriprise Financial agreed to settle an excessive fee lawsuit pertaining to its own 401(k) plan.  Ameriprise denied any wrongdoing, and yet they settled out of court for $27.5 million (that’s quite the sum

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What’s Another Trillion Among Friends?

Head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, famously said in 2012 he would do “whatever it takes” to preserve the euro common currency.  He made good on that pledge last month[1], announcing a new $1.1 trillion bond-purchasing scheme that

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